Tips for Tops: Mouthsoaping

“…when your boy says “No!” or otherwise speaks to you in a way that is not an appropriate tone, institute soap as a possible remedy.”


Roleplay Doesn’t Have to be the Only Time for
Washing Your boy’s Mouth Out With Soap

Often times Men Who Spank and their boys think of mouthsoaping as a purely role-playing activity in their relationships. And if you live together, it’s even harder to institute without taking the frisson out of the experience with the mundanity of life. However, in today’s blogpost, I’d like to propose a new way of thinking about washing your boy’s mouth out with soap.

Together let’s think beyond simple Daddy/boy roleplay and/or schoolboy discipline. I believe that in a relationship between Daddys and their boys, you guys can implement this really effective tool for humiliation and obedience by setting down a Rule. My recommendation is that when your boy says “No!” or otherwise speaks to you in a way that is not an appropriate tone as far as you are concerned, you begin to institute soap as a possible remedy. 

*The BackStory on Backtalk

Speaking as a boy who often says “No!” to my Daddy or otherwise backtalks, it frustrates me that he doesn’t do something about it. My guess? I think he doesn’t really know where to begin. Today, let’s find a way for you Daddys to change that in your lives, even if my Daddy isn’t really prepared to do the same in our life together.

First, communicate with your partner ahead of time that this is an acceptable CP tool in your toolbox. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to begin implementing this Domestic Discipline technique in your home, once you have the consent required, as you would in any relationship. Like various types of sex, your partner needs to agree ahead of time that this is within the realm of the acceptable options. Once that acceptance and confirmation is in place, don’t just dabble in mouthsoaping for roleplay or other activities. Use it to emphasize obedience to you as his Dom or Daddy or Top. There’s no reason to treat this really valuable tool as something for age players alone . 

Here’s a few really easy and effective tips from Cornertime Confidential’s many many readers. Crowd sourced over the last 5 years, here’s what we believe to be the best practices for putting the bar of soap to work in your Daddy/boy lives.

Note the Details of an Effective Mouthsoaping Technique
A Big Thanks to @Spnkngstyle for this .gif image
The .gif image here in the right gives Daddys and Tops a good long look at how to begin washing a boy’s mouth out with soap. This Daddy is doing a few key, important things: 
1. Establish Your Authority. You can see in the images on the left, his “authority” arm is on his boy’s shoulder or behind his neck. Be sure to hold on to your boy, so he stays calm. Getting noticeably panicked can happen, even with adult boys who have agreed in advance to being punished this way.
2. Make Ankle Shackles With the boy’s ‘pants. Again looking on the image on the left, his ‘pants at his knees and ankles makes it tough to get out of the situation. Paternally and lovingly disable your boy by having his ‘pants down during this enterprise so he’s more apt to see this through and not fight his way out. While you can wash a boy’s mouth out at the start of a Spanking with his jeans up and that has it’s own very useful effect:
  • Getting those trousers down helps establish he is NOT in charge. 
  • Getting him over to the sink, puts him in his place. And in so doing, 
  • Gets you in the right space.

3. Scolding and Instructions. In the image on the right, you’ll see how the Daddy here is talking. He is instructing his boy how this is going to go. He is telling him to get that tongue out. 

4. Good Soap Handling Technique. Wiping the tongue with the bar of soap is a good way to begin. This helps you assess if you have control over the slippery thing or not. You need to maintain total control over that soap, so just wet the end going in the boy’s mouth. The other end is for you, so keep it dry as you can. The way this Daddy rubs it and giggles it on his boy’s tongue shows you he has the control necessary to do this effectively. At one point in the image on the right, you can see how the taste makes the boy nearly gag. That’s the start of the punishment; that’s why we wash boy’s mouths out with soap.
5. Lodging the Bar. Ending by lodging the bar in your boy’s mouth is a good final step. You might even instruct him to bite down. This enables two different possibilities: 
  • the chance to resume Spanking and 
  • the opportunity for the boy to taste what a clean mouth feels like. 
Why? Should he decide to either use prohibited language, disobey your instructions, or refuse to do as he is told, in the future he’ll literally and physically remember the taste in his mouth. The sense memory is the effect you are actually looking for here. It’s the way you get boys to behave. 
For those who have seen the rest of this video by Tropixxx, you’ll already know that Nick here gets his bottom beaten further after the bar of soap is lodged in his mouth. You can see the entire video here, just pay, download, and let us know what you think!


The BackStory on Backtalk

Back in January, I was talking about politics in a way that Daddy didn’t approve. It was about the government shutdown over the DACA/dreamers. I woke up and texted Daddy my opinion on the matter. Daddy wasn’t pleased to get this text and told me to “Shut up” about my opinion and that I was wrong. He explained why.

When he told me to obey him, and “Shut up” about it.

I said “Sure” in a snarky tone.

Clearly disobedient and clearly not supportive of Daddy, we stopped texting at that point. We’d just been together last night when he heard me express my opinion then, and then I was really trying to gauge his reaction again this morning. He probably knew that.

In the moment, I realized that this is really grounds for a mouthsoaping. It’s not that political opinions are not to be held by the boys Men Who Spank discipline. It’s more that while we’re all entitled to our opinions, Daddy’s job is to set the Rules and if he instructs me to obey something I’m really supposed to obey him. That’s the groundrules. When I don’t there need to be consequences. 

Since Spanking isn’t always the best solution, in the situation as described, I think mouthsoaping is a perfectly acceptable solution. However, Daddy has said time and again he’s not prepared to do that. I’ll be curious to see how he handles things tomorrow, when he comes over for what is our monthly Maintenance Spanking. While I’m assuming I could get a Punishment Spanking. I’m expecting the air to have cleared and Daddy to forget. I wonder what will happen.

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