The “Warning” Spanking

“This is what happens when you do as you’re told…” 

Let’s recap Daddy and my relationship since he moved in in January. So here’s what’s transpired. I’ve been a pretty good boy, and have only got 2 Spankings!!! Woo Hooo! Since it’s April 25, as I write this, I’m feeling pretty darned good about that. There was the “When Daddys Are Monsters” Spanking on February 19 and then there was Sunday’s “Warning” Spanking on April 22. 2 Spankings in a little under 3 months…that’s kinda great for an adult boy like me! Lucky Daddy and boy LOL 😛

Aug 28 Maintenance Spanking trip to the supermarket 2
Daddy Dressing Me To Go Out


The latest Spanking surprised me, because I hadn’t done anything I could remember. Daddy just came in after being out to lunch with his marine corps buddies and told me to go to my room and get ready for a chat with Daddy. He’d talked the night before about “taking care of jake” and I just ignored him. If he’s going to use Spanking, it’s usually because something specific was done. But this time…

So I went to my room, put on my Spanking pants, and laid on my bed. He took quite some time, then came into the room. He told me to get off my belly and sit up, look him in the eye. He told me to go get The Spanking Chair that sits in The Corner by the full length mirror. In my Spanking pants I walked over to The Chair and Daddy instructed me to put it in the middle of the rug at the foot of the bed. He sat down and looked up at me, pulling me over his knee.

Then he lightly swatted my fanny for a few minutes across the seat of my short pants. Then he yanked them down completely and Spanked my bare bottom lightly, and said, “Do you know why you are getting a Spanking?”
good boys need spanking too yield sign
I said, “No…why do you have to Spank me?”

Daddy said, “Get up.” I got off his lap and he said, “Exactly, you didn’t do anything. This is a warning. We are going out to go for a walk through the city today and I expect you to obey the crosswalk rules and not do what you did the last time we were out for a walk. You stay with me, and you do not run off ahead. If you so, you’ll learn what a hard Spanking is. Do you understand?”
I was remembering the last trip and Daddy was mad, but didn’t Spank. He just got frustrated and lectured me about it when we got home. He did yank my arm when I tried running ahead too, I remembered that. He did that in front of a lot of people while we were standing on the corner waiting for an endless light to change. I ran out, he yanked me back, and folks looked and felt weird about it. I felt like Daddy’s boy. When we got home, Daddy lectured me about it.

2 19 18 Cornertime
My Yellow Spanking Pants

Then as I came to, Daddy repeated, “jake, I told you to pick up that paddle and hand it to me.” I said, “What?” He said, “The Paddle. Now.”

He pulled me back across his lap and lightly paddled my fanny. He said, “This is what happens when you do as you’re told. If you don’t, this paddle will come down hard across your rear, do you understand and promise to remember?”

The “warning” Spanking worked. We were out all day, and while I did scramble across the intersections, but I didn’t violate the flashing red hand on the crosswalks. I stayed with Daddy as much as I could. Sometimes he’d not cross with me, because I moved much faster than Daddy, but I’d cross and wait for Daddy as I was told to do.

Following Daddy’s Rules can be a really good thing to do, sometimes.

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