Spankings & Humiliation in Tom of Finland Illustrations

Early Tom 

It’s noteworthy that Cornertime Confidential completely failed you, dear reader, on the review of the new Tom of Finland movie that was chosen by Finland as their Official Submission to the 90th Annual Academy Awards. While it didn’t get selected by the Academy in the final 5, it was an excellent flick profiling one of the progenitors of Spanking in M/m images.

His illustrations and other artwork spanned a very long period in the mid-1900s. From about 1950 to 1980, Tom of Finland, whose real name was Touko Laaksonen, developed a secondary career (in addition to his day job at McCann Ericksson Advertising) as a fetish illustrator.

“Tom of Finland was a fetish artist notable for his stylized homoerotic art—[CC: often incorporating and focusing on humiliation and Spanking, switchings, the belt, and other Corporal Punishment centered encounters between men]. Over the course of four decades he produced some 3500 illustrations, mostly featuring men with exaggerated primary and secondary sex traits: heavily muscled torsos, limbs, buttocks and improbably large penises.” While the genitalia is fairly irrelevant to this blog, his work seemed a notable addition—clearly missing from the past 5 years of blogging here. 

If you don’t know enough about this renegade artist, check out the film which you can probably get on Netflix at this point! Here’s the trailer.



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