Pajama Spankings, Revisited


pajama slippering 1

Pajama Spankings

Cornertime Confidential gets a lot of requests for pajama Spankings. I never really have great stories, because Daddy puts me to bed in just my underpants, not in pajamas. Now, just about every adult boy has gone to bed with a warmed fanny, but it’s hard to find a good example of what it looks like. Well, look no further,SpankingCentral solved that problem ages ago.

In this Tumblr blog, I had the chance to reblog a video I’ve appreciated for years. “There Will Be Spankings” is probably the best title ever. I think this video pre-dates “There Will Be Blood” the movie, so this is just Clifton being waaaay ahead of the curve!  At any rate, I wanted to add that aside from the excellent pajama Spankings that these boys get (BTW, you really need to buy the video from Clifton at Spanking Central.), the thinking that Cliff put into this is superb. The title isn’t “Two boys Get a Spanking.”  It’s called “There Will Be Spankings!” 


“Red, red hein(ie), Goes to my head…”

Spanking Central’s Seth & Devon: “There Will Be Spankings”


Badboys Messing up the Living Room & Goofing Off

When you watch the video you see the way he has the camera focus on The Lickin’ Stick in the foreground, and the boys’ eyes on it. It’s more about the psychology of the Spanking, rather than Seth’s unbreakable bottom. His smirks deserve a Saarland Spankings faceslap, really.

The Lickin’ Stick

Another key high point in the video is that they are not “brothers” they’re just friends, and so when Daddy comes in with The Butt Blisterer, he starts with an Old Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking of the friend, knowing that Seth will get it worse. After making clear their behavior and the mess they’ve made is not acceptable in his house, over the knee goes the friend, and after the reddest bottom I’ve seen in a long time, his son goes over the knee next while Devon watches.

Watching Your Friend’s PaddlingKn owing You’re Next

Precision Bathbrush Application

Seeing Your Friend’s Red Bottom & Knowing That’s Going to Be Your Bottom Too

Watching your friend’s Paddling & Rubbing Your Own Red Bottom

I also love the way Clifton has created a legit living room Spanking situation here. The place looks like the average American living room. The boys look normal, not polished, and of course, then there’s Cliff and his Bathbrush and the way he knows how to use it to get the right response.


Post-Paddling Paddle Talk

Thanks again to Clifton Meador for his excellent work here, not just in soundly Spanking these naughty boys, but also his whole effort to build this scenario. It’s the opportunity to be a fly on the wall of a “real” living room Spanking.

Thanks, Clifton!


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