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The first 5 months of this year have been a great time to reacquaint ourselves with Vintage Underpants. We’ve spent a majority of this blog’s time writing and sharing content about Corporal Punishment over the last, oh, 5 or so years. But CP is only one important aspect of an adult boy’s life. My life, for example, also involves plenty of time focusing on all the many other parts of our lifestyle. I sort of even apologize for not including enough about discussions of the CP Community and the time we can share together learning from one another and also just hanging out.

Then there’s the, maybe, two handfuls of blogposts on living a boy’s life, including blogposts from The Cornertime Crew, schoolboy paul, and others. I wish we covered that more often, too.

And of course there’s the role fetishes play. One important area for me is underpants, vintage, white ‘pants. And all the many humiliating aspects that come with being a boy who lives as a boy in ‘pants, not adult men’s clothing.

Thanks to the boys at the Vintage Underpants blog, we have a peek into an enormous treasure trove of images that continue to amaze and thrill! In today’s blogpost, let’s take a deeper look into a fetish closely aligned with CP and the adult boy life. For those Cornertime Confidential followers who are very engaged by men’s underpants, tune in to this terrific site.











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