Happy Daddy’s Day 2018

Six Flags Magic Kingdom ‘Pants

Spanking Interruptus
I got a Spanking on Sunday, but the upstairs neighbors interrupted. Now I’ve written a lot about how at some point Domestic Discipline couples just have to accept the neighbors are going to know that one of you is a Spanked boy.

But the sudden, out of the blue, stomping upstairs was alarming. Almost like a break-in had happened. It was really kinda annoying!

Let’s call it what it is: Spanking Interruptus. It was such a afternoon wrecker. Thankfully, Daddy had already administered a firm handSpanking on the seat of my Spanking shorts and then a barebottomed handSpanking too and had put me in The Corner to pout my red bottom out.

Daddy Bought me a Cape

While We Were at the Theme Park!!!

But it was clear a paddling was next. See, we’d been to Six Flags on Saturday, and there were specific things he was going to address with the paddle, but then the neighbor came charging up the staircase and bounded into his bedroom via the backyard entrance. See, he lives on the 2nd floor, and Daddy left the blinds open during the Spanking.

I guess me standing in The Corner stopped the neighbor short, so Daddy walked out of the room, and I followed him.When I went back to the bedroom, I just laid on the bed crying while I listened to our neighbor bound about for 10 minutes. Daddy didn’t return for any further punishment, even though I guess the neighbor just ran in to get something he needed and then headed back out. I think Daddy felt being caught in The Corner with a red bottom by our neighbor after being Spanked bare-bottomed was punishment enough. There I was standing in The Corner with a red heiney, and unless the neighbor was so caught up in what he was doing, he’s have seen me with my white ‘pants down below my red cheeks standing in The Corner pouting.

Spanking Interruptus is such a drag.

I hope you boys all behave for your Daddys this weekend. Sunday is Daddy’s Day, so do something special for him. Here in DC we have a Spanking Party for all the Daddys, and so I may drop by to celebrate all the Men Who Spank! Hope to see you there.


After my Spanking Got Interrupted,
Daddy had me do my Chores in my Briefs and Cape.
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