Bring Daddy His Belt

We over here at Cornertime Confidential cannot extol the virtues of the Dudes Spanking Dudes podcast enough! In this episode (see below for the link to the podcast), Scott and Big Daddy Vegas provide some really great insights on a bunch of topics of high interest to Cornertime Confidential readers.

In “Bring Daddy His Belt!,” The Belt is the focus of a wide ranging discussion of how to properly use the strap when beating your boys’ bottoms.  The detail with which Vegas Daddy goes into here is remarkable, and I think it’s the only time I’ve ever heard an experienced Daddy provide a complete explanation for other Daddys who are thinking, “Wow, I should give that a try with my boy.”

He knows so much about having his boy go get Daddy The Belt. I encourage all your adult teens to give this a listen.

And it’ll not surprise you that Scott too has really thoughtful insights on this as a bottom and his experiences with Boss Man. Give it a listen. Here are a few other key elements that piqued our interest in this particular edition of the Dudes Spanking Dudes podcast. (Congrats, again, on the fine work, Scott!)



Vegas Daddy: “I am a fan of it. You can really lecture a guy when he has nose against a mirror or in The Corner. You can really lay into a guy. Extending the length of play, it can be really helpful. For me, I always use Cornertime. I love it. I’ll use it probably at least twice during a session. You can then bring him right back over, but can put him in another position.”

Scott:  “The humiliation needs to match the kind of person you are Spanking…for a guy like me lecturing me while I’m in The Corner won’t work.”


Buying the boy you spank underpants, tighty-whities, that are a size or two too small also works for Vegas Daddy.


And Wedgies! Turns out Scott is a big fan of giving the boys he Spanks wedgies.


Scott: “I’m gonna feel the pain, but eventually it’ll fade. You can’t remember pain. But you can remember parts of the Spankings that relate to the humiliation. I remember when I got the feel when he kept pushing me down to Spank me. We got to the point where we had gone past my limits. But he kept on going, and I remember teasing Boss Man and him making me stand in The Corner and Spanking me with an authentic Prison Strap. I remember each experience individually because there was a humiliating component in a memorable way.”
Find out more in their latest podcast: “Bring Daddy His Belt!”

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