How boy Are You!?

Are you an adult teen? a middle? a tween? a boy? a baby?

Find out with @AlexanderZeeGreat’s super kewl quiz:

a little quiz


I know sometimes littles—especially boys—struggle with knowing just how BIG we really are. I’ve come up with a quiz that should help. Check it out:
Give yourself ONE POINT for each question you answer yes to:

Do you play an instrument? (give yourself two points if you play the guitar)

Do you know what boxer briefs are? (1 point if you know what they are; give yourself two points if you wear them; three points if you wear boxers)

Can you ride a bike without training wheels? (give yourself two points if you can drive a golf cart/four wheeler; three points if you can legit drive a car)

Do you say curse words a lot when you’re with your friends? (give yourself two points if you say the f—-word [not firetruck])

Do you sometimes get spanked with a belt? (give yourself two points if you ONLY get spanked with a belt)

Are you allowed to babysit other kiddos?

Have you ever/Do you smoke? (you’re SO naughty, you know that, right?)

SUBTRACT ONE POINT for each question you answer yes to:

Do you got a bedtime? (subtract two points if it’s 9pm or before; three if its 7pm or before)

Do you cry at least once a week? (subtract two if you cry EVERY DAY!)

Do you wear underwear with cartoons on them sometimes? (subtract two if you wear pullups/diapers sometimes; subtract three if you wear them ALL the time)

Can you name all the characters on Teen Titans Go!?

Do you take a bath instead of a shower? (subtract two if your bath has to be supervised; subtract three if you ARE BATHED by daddy/mommy)

Do you have to stand in The Corner if you’re naughty? (subtract two if you sit on a time out chair)

Does your Daddy/Mommy order for you at a restaurant? (subtract two if he/she cuts up your food before you eat it; subtract three if he/she feeds it to you)

Results: (add up your total number of points, and see who you are below)

-14 to -17: you’re a straight up baby; you’re so little you probably can’t even read this right now

-8 to -13: you’re a toddler; you probably love Thomas the train and cookie monster and tantrums

1 to -7: you’re a classic little boy; you are probably reading this on the roof of your house while you’re wearing only a cape and underoos

2 to 9: you’re almost a big kid; I think they call you a tween cuz you wanna be a teenager but can’t yet because you still need to find a ride to the mall

10 to 14: you’re basically a Daddy; go watch the news and argue about social security or whatever adults do.

Please comment below or email me with your ideas.


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