Assume the Position: Paddling in Mainstream Films

Ben Afleck Paddles Again

Paddlings in mainstream films aren’t as rare as you’d think. However, some resonate more than others. Below are two particularly famous paddlings we’ll share today to close out National Paddling Week.

Animal House from 1978 features a ton of soon-to-be famous actors including Kevin Bacon being paddled across the seat of his briefs. In large part because of the fetishization of the fraternity rituals, this movie was a massive hit in America. Sure the majority just found it funny. But a whole subset of adult boys remembered their time being initiated as teenagers in colleges across America, revelled in a very different sort of exciting memory.

And then there’s this public school boy’s paddling from “Dead Poet’s Society” which seems to fly under the radar and is not spoken about as much online. Another star-filled film, including Robin Williams as the teacher that thinks outside the box.

And finally the paddlings delivered across the backsides of the many boys in Dazed and Confused holds a particularly memorable place in our hearts. Not least of all because the film starred so many soon-to-be major actors including Ben Afleck and others.

Hopefully, National Paddling Week has given you an insight into this peculiarly American (and slightly Germanic) tradition. We enjoy these national celebrations with you annually. If you have ideas for us about what elements of Corporal Punishment to elevate and highlight in the blogging here at Cornertime Confidential, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

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