Some Guidance on Being a Daddy to an adult boy

Online for a really short time, I met a boy called Original Face Student Stuff (OFSS). But he’s been blacklisted, I’m assuming because the pic on his blog had actual people (not actors) on them! He’s no longer there, and if he gets a new site, I’ll let you all know. But we had some time to discuss my conversation on the DudesSpankingDudes podcast. He was full of compliments, but also some thoughts I wanted make sure I shared with you all.

For the record, he approved me posting this. At any rate, here’s some of his questions. What I found interesting was how he was trying to get advice on how to guide his Daddy, so the experience could be best. Sometimes a Spanking isn’t enough! I think you’ll see how for this boy, it’s fine, and it’s needed, sometimes often. But ultimately, without a fuller, complete experience, it

OFSS: I have now listened twice to your interview on guys spanking guys. it is amazing. You are such a rock star, boy.

CC: Thank you so much! I’m blushing! Wow…you are so kind! I felt like I sounded funny on that interview. I’m glad you feel otherwise.

OFSS: I am going to get Spanked a week from tomorrow in Denver, actually.

CC: Oh, are you travelling, I’ll be travelling soon too!

OFSS: You were much more polished, and i learned a lot. i love how casually and directly you talked about the relationship, always used terms like underpants, and bottom—very impressive. Does your Daddy also dictate your haircut or other grooming?

CC: So yes, baths work because as a boy, I prefer when Daddy bathes me. He loves to do it. And no, he had no idea the first time we’d do that that’d he’d enjoy doing it. It gives him time to be in charge without having to punish. He really likes to just be in charge and have me in a pretty submissive space, completely naked and not allowed to wash myself.

As for grooming: Daddy often shaves my head, often after a paddling or Spanking making it a part of “discipline.” But I really think he just does it, because he doesn’t like when my hair grows out. He’s African American and in black American culture, shaving your boy’s head is “a thing.” You can see tweens and teens online being punished by having their heads shaved by their actual Dads for misbehaving. It’s not universal, obviously, but it’s something my Daddy understands and employs when he Spanks my fanny.

OFSS: Further, you were so definite about how things work in DD that I bet you are successful in coaching other boys, because you would not let them get away with anything.

CC:  I could probably be a good Daddy one day, but I’m not really geared that way, at least not now.

OFSS: Sorry to go on and on, but I have to say, hearing in that interview that he bathes you sometimes was excellent. When i see this Spanker in Denver, i pretty much just shower when I get there, like coming home after practice. Which i just do on my own, he doesn’t help.

Do you think I’d be better off having a bath, where he helps? And … how would I ask for that without sounding, you know…?

CC: I think you have to just bring it up. I sent Daddy a text and a link to my blogpost on bathing boys. I have a bunch of content on the blog about that, so I shared it to get his feedback. His response was calibrated, he said he’d give it a try. Until we actually did it, we didn’t know it’d work. Then we found out it worked really well for us!

OFSS: I’ll let  you know how things go when I get back from Denver.

[Unfortunately, his site was removed after this exchange, and I never did get to hear about how things went in Denver. If you are out there, OFSS, please tell us what happened and how things went!]

For those who haven’t heard the interview about Daddy and me and our Domestic Discipline relationship, you can hear it here:

Thanks so much for tuning in! I’d love your feedback too!

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4 thoughts on “Some Guidance on Being a Daddy to an adult boy

  1. Loved hearing you on the Podcast. You sound so articulate and bright. I only wish you had used my favorite word—fanny—at least once. And no mention of baring it either?

    Thanks for sharing your relationship details with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny, Warren. When I speak with RedSpkScott, I know how much he’s into the words “ass” and “butt” and as an ~11-year-old-or-so adult boy I’m not really allowed to use language like that. Daddy Spanks my fanny, and I should have been more honest during the interview, but he wasn’t asking me about being an adult boy enough for me to go into the details. I did actively use the word underpants, because as a boy that’s what I am dressed in. But you’re right, I owed you the readers “fanny” “rumpus” and “heinie.” I’ll learn and be better next time…I’m hoping Scott asks me back to discuss being an adult boy! Again, it’s not really his bag, though, so I’m not getting my hopes up!


  2. No apologies needed. Am glad you were able to share what yiou did. Most of the time I find the podcasts pretty boring, but yours was not because I love hearing about real domestic discipline with bare fanny spankings as well as other punishments and humiliation. Did I ever share that my dad spanked my mom as part their domestic discipline relationship? I could only hear but not see it. Of course I knew all too well what a bare fanny spanking sounded like!


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