Go to Your Room: The Punishment of Waiting

I’m glad to be able to share with you all an interesting Domestic Discipline-centered relationship and the latest experience the sub in the relationship is having. Below you’ll read a short blogpost from their Tumblr page. While I’m not into contractual Dom/sub relationships, I know many are, so you may find this particularly interesting.
Getting sent to your room as an adult boy is a really humiliating thing. My Daddy will text me ahead of getting home and tell me basically just something like,  “Go sit on the Spanking chair and wait for me to get home.”
This works well for us. He doesn’t have to say it aloud, and yet he makes his point. Let’s see how this works for “submale.”
On Being Punished
by submale, from SirDomsubmale, Tumblr
I am not having a fun week. I had to wait for Sir in my room
this afternoon for him to get home from work. If you have never had to sit and
wait in your bedroom looking at the wall, knowing that at some point you were
going to be blistered and reduced to a crying and pleading mess.
I don’t recommend it.
You sit there and try to hear Sir arriving. You wonder how long
it’s been, how much longer it’s going to be (Sir forbids a watch or clock when
I am waiting like this). You stop thinking about it but then you come back to
reality. And today, I suddenly heard the door downstairs opening, and my heart
sank. It’s not fun.
The Sir took me to his bathroom and bent me over his bathtub and
used the bath brush. 
Curfew is 3:30 this week — or when I get in from work. Bedtime
is 7 — when it’s still daylight outside.
You have no doubt you are a male sub when these things happen —
nor any doubt you have been naughty and your Sir disapproves strongly.
Sir says I am going to be spanked hard and put to bed with a
burning bottom when he gets home from work one day — no dinner, straight to
bed. He has not said when, but he promises me it’s coming.
My Sir does not break promises.


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