Summertime Celebrations!

Live Like an adult boy!

At Cornertime Confidential we have a few key priorities:

  1. Speak openly and honestly about discipline-centered relationships
  2. Sharing stories that Men Who Spank and the boys they Spank have, and
  3. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate the life of being an adult boy!!!!

Most of all, we hope Cornertime Confidential brings you personally much joy and celebration of your lives—lives that normally remain fairly hidden from the public view.

Speedoes are for adult boys 

This summer—like last summer—it did not escape our attention that boys shorts have been getting noticeably shorter. And those short shorts were causing a sensation in the media too. The briefer the shorts, the tighter the briefs, the closer we are getting to being able to be a full time boy without raising eyebrows when we’re out and about.

I was at the post office trying to get a single stamp to Canada (I know…who the hell goes to the post office for stamps these days?), but I did so in full boywear. I was in my boyshorts, cartoon briefs that you could see through the fabric on the seat and probably even folks could see the legloops and flyfront which were in a very dark contrasting colour, of course my “I’m Never Gonna Grow Up” shirt and Speed McQueen “Cars” movie baseball cap, and my little boy socks and He-Man Vans-brand shoes. It was a visual blur, a blur that just hollers “boy!”

Seems like everyone can see your fanny.
They know you’re a boy.

Thanks in large part to Tumblr and the internet generally, we’ve seen a ton of boy behaviours this summer and blogger like @SkelpUSA have been posting away. Today, I wanted to celebrate the work on his blog. Thanks so much for helping everyone FEEL summertime fun this year! Keep up the great blogging and follow him on Twitter too!

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